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Relaxing Candles

Add-On Services




Body Scrub & Wrap

Full of toxins or need to get some extra moisture into your body?  You and your Therapist can customize

according to your special needs.


90 min               $85& up 


Ear Candling

This Ancient Chinese technique is used to help relieve your ears of earwax build up, some earaches, toothaches

and even sinus problems coupled with neck and head massage.

40 min               First Visit $45              Each additional visit $35 (must occur within 4-6 months)*


Paraffin Wax

Have issues with moisturizing or arthritis? Get your hands, feet and or elbows dipped in warn, herbal wax then massaged with herbal oils or cremes

Hands                 $10      

Feet                     $15    


Sugar / Salt Scrubs

Exfoliation of your hands, arms or feet


Hands & Arms    $20

Feet & Legs         $35


We reserve the right to change prices without notification.

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